2020 Graduation Graphic
  •  Vista Ridge High School

    Thursday, June 25

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    Sand Creek High School

    Friday, June 26

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    Falcon High School

    Saturday, June 27

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    All graduation ceremonies begin at 9 a.m. at the UCHealth Park, home of the Rocky Mountain Vibes. 


    Contacts for Graduation Information

    FHS: Alyssa Pearce, apearce@d49.org

    SCHS: Lauren Stuart, lstuart@d49.org

    VRHS: Angela Duca, aduca@d49.org
  • Springs Studio for Academic Excellence

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Friday, May 22, at 9 a.m.

    Pikes Peak Early College 

    Friday, May 22, at 12 p.m.

    Patriot High School

    Saturday, May 23, 9 a.m. at Patriot High School Baseball Field

  • Live Steaming

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018District 49 will live stream graduation ceremonies. At this time, we do not have an active URL for the stream. When the time comes to broadcast the ceremonies, there will be a link on this page. We will also send out the link once we have it. 

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018In the meantime, if you need to share a URL for graduation announcements or other invites, please use the URL for this page:


FHS ceremony begins at the 1:19:20 mark

  • Six Guests Allowed to Attend Outdoor Graduation Ceremonies

    June 17, 2020

    We are excited to share that each graduate is now allowed to invite up to six guests based on new guidance from our partners at El Paso County Public Health. 

    This allows the Class of 2020 to welcome additional family members to their outdoor graduation ceremonies for Vista Ridge, Sand Creek and Falcon High Schools June 25, 26 and 27. This increase is based on encouraging news about slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Colorado and will still allow us to safely manage the available space at UCHealth Park for social distancing.

    Families of graduates should keep an eye on their email for complete details from their school.
  • Family Attendance for Outdoor Graduation Ceremonies

    June 8, 2020

    Dear Class of 2020 and D49 Families,

    We are thrilled to share with you that new guidance from Governor Polis and our partners at El Paso County Public Health WILL allow us to welcome family members of the Class of 2020 to our outdoor graduation ceremonies for Vista Ridge, Sand Creek and Falcon High Schools June 25, 26, and 27. We do not have final approval for a specific number, but our preliminary indication is that each graduate would be able to invite at least two guests, with a real possibility of expanding that invitation if the county confirms our math and our preventative measures.


    This approval is based in part on encouraging progress in slowing the spread of COVID-19, resulting in the gradual safe return to regular activities and Governor Polis’ continued relaxation of in-person restrictions. From the start, we wanted our graduates to celebrate their accomplishments with their families at a largely traditional ceremony. We listened to your desires for an outdoor graduation on a delayed schedule to give us the best opportunity to bring families together for the event. We continued to work with our partners at the state and local level, never losing hope this could be possible. Thank you for your enduring patience and trust. 

    We are also grateful to our partners at UCHealth Stadium, home of the Rocky Mountain Vibes. Their speedy response during our search for an outdoor venue and professionalism in hosting large events opened the door to the plans we’ve made so far. We will continue to listen to their expertise as we develop a plan to safely host a socially-distanced crowd of spectators for our graduation ceremonies. 

    We will work with EPCPH and UCHealth Stadium staff to work out the best next steps. Although we will welcome family members, we anticipate having to set a per-graduate invitation limit to safely manage the available space we have while following physical distancing and cleaning protocols to minimize the potential for any further spread of infection. 

    On behalf of the entire team in District 49, we thank you again for walking together with us through planning a ceremony to honor and celebrate the class of 2020. Please keep an eye on our regular channels of communication for updates as we finalize our plan. 


    Peter Hilts

    Chief Education Officer

  • Graduation Announcement

    May 4, 2020

    Dear D49 Families,

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Thank you for participating in two community forums about graduation planning. More than 2,700 of you have engaged with our plans, contributing more than 30,000 thoughts and ratings. Thank you! Your main priorities were to hold a traditional (vs. virtual or drive-in) ceremony, in an outdoor venue, with family members attending. We are eager to meet the first two priorities, and grieved that we will almost certainly not be able to support an audience of family members or other in-person guests at the ceremony.

    Today we will submit our general graduation plan to El Paso County Public Health. The county will approve plans based on guidelines that have been cleared by the health department, local hospitals, the county commissioners, and finally, the state. As a district we are doing our best to uphold our community’s preferences while complying with state and county guidelines. Although the desire for family attendance at graduation is clear, we cannot, as a public entity, defy the governor’s order, or put our commencements at risk of disapproval or disruption.

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Based on the county’s guidance, we are moving forward to host student only graduation ceremonies for our large, comprehensive high schools on June 25, 26, and 27. The principals have agreed to celebrate Vista Ridge graduates on Thursday, June 25, Sand Creek graduates on Friday, June 26, and Falcon graduates on Saturday, June 27—all ceremonies begin at 9:00 a.m., with detailed instructions for seniors to follow.

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018By scheduling in late June, we are preserving the very slight possibility that Governor Polis will amend his order to permit guests at graduations. No leader in any official capacity has even hinted that he will do so, and many officials have stated explicitly that he will not. But we have a plan for safe guest participation should that guidance change.

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018A team from all D49 high schools is finalizing detailed plans for graduation ceremonies. We are pleased to be making arrangements with our local partners at UCHealth Park and the Rocky Mountain Vibes to host our ceremonies at their complex, which has capacity to host all graduates while still practicing safe social distancing. The venue also has excellent audio-visual equipment, a massive jumbotron to feature senior pictures, and excellent capacity for high-quality, live-streaming video.

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Thank you for engaging with us on this difficult decision. We understand that many will be disappointed by our plans, and we empathize especially with the class of 2020. For graduates who choose not to attend, for any reason, we will still honor and recognize you in the presence of your classmates and the online audience. We will do our best to preserve the moments that matter by ensuring that every graduate has an opportunity to cross a stage and receive a diploma, with cheers and respect from us all.

    For the D49 Team, with respect and regards,

    Peter Hilts
    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Chief Education Officer

VIDEO: On Tuesday, May 5, the El Paso County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution requesting a variance by the state to allow local school districts to hold alternative high school graduation ceremonies. The waiver was requested under the provisions outlined in Public Health Order 20-28. The resolution will be transmitted to Governor Polis for approval.

The variance was present by El Paso County Coroner, Dr. Leon Kelly.

  • 2020 Graduation Plan for District 49

    El Paso County Public Health has set up guidelines for in-person high school graduation ceremonies. Multiple D49 schools will implement this graduation plan, using those guidelines, at the same venue on multiple days. If necessary, to accommodate weather disruptions, we may host an identical ceremony with identical protocols in one of our football stadiums.

    El Paso County Public Health encourages school districts to hold ceremonies in a staggered manner as late into the spring or summer as possible to allow for the evaluation of current loosening of social distancing practices

    D49: We will schedule our ceremonies on June 25-27 at UCHealth Park.

    We will stagger our ceremonies on different days, to avoid overlap by participants and to provide time to fully disinfect the venue between ceremonies.

    EPCPH: Ceremony plans must include a fully virtual option in the event incoming data contraindicates hosting in-person ceremonies.

    D49: If weather disrupts our ceremonies to the degree that rescheduling is unsafe or impractical, we will conduct the ceremony using a videoconferencing tool (Zoom or equivalent).

    EPCPH: Ceremonies are required to be held outside with weather contingency plans of transition to virtual only or tents. Interior ceremonies are prohibited.

    D49: We intend to host our ceremonies at the UCHealth Park. We will schedule our ceremonies for 9:00 a.m., to avoid spring storms that typically impact the afternoon. If weather disrupts our ceremonies to the degree that rescheduling is unsafe or impractical, we will conduct the ceremony using a videoconferencing tool (Zoom or equivalent). We have no plans for an indoor ceremony.

    EPCPH: Ceremonies are to be STUDENT ONLY with minimal staff required to manage students and flow of ceremonies. (Emphasis in original)

    D49: We are planning a student-only ceremony modeled after the USAFA, and we have a supplemental plan for guests, should community conditions change and social guidelines relax.

    EPCPH: All students and staff would need to meet 6 ft social distancing at all times including entering and exiting the ceremony. If outside facilities cannot accommodate the 6 ft distancing, graduation ceremonies would need to be done in the number of shifts that would allow for distancing.

    D49: Staff members will monitor and direct appropriate safe distancing at all times while students are moving. We will use designated seating to guarantee six-foot separation. Our preferred (Vibes Field) and backup (School Stadium) venues are all large enough to accommodate safe distancing.

    EPCPH: No parents/observers on-site (ceremonies must be broadcast electronically for all viewers).

    D49: We will live-stream and record all ceremonies. Even if the governor’s order changes and some guests are allowed, we will offer a remote viewing option.

    EPCPH: No associated social gatherings of students or faculty at facilities prior to or following the ceremony.

    D49: We will not plan a rehearsal, or any other type of gathering before or after the actual ceremony.

    EPCPH: All students and staff must be in masks at all times with the exception of individual photographs by official photographer while social distancing from others

    D49: We will require and monitor to ensure that all students, staff , and guests (if permitted by a revised executive order) will wear masks at all times, except for official photographs.

    EPCPH: No touch or contact receipt of the diploma such as presentation on a table by staff to be picked up by the student.

    D49: We will provide diplomas to students using a no-contact method, either by placing them at each student’s seat, or by placing them in a location where students retrieve them individually.

    EPCPH: Permission slip or behavior contract to be signed by student and family concerning risks mitigation to include Health screening survey completed prior to ceremony (fever, cough, congestion, chills, or otherwise unwell in the student or member of your household in the past 14 days?) with any positive answers being exclusionary to the ceremony.

    D49: We have developed a permission contract that will be signed by each participant and their parents, specifying all required assurances. We will also provide graduates a copy of this plan, and additional ceremony details.

    EPCPH: Organizers must include an inclusionary plan for accommodating families or students not wishing to or who are unable to participate in person.

    D49: Our ceremonies are invitational, but not mandatory. Students who do not attend in person will be recognized, and all individuals who prefer to participate remotely will have that option using a videoconferencing platform.