School-Based Health Center

  • Peak Vista Falcon Peak Health Center

    District 49 offers a  located in Falcon Elementary School.  provides basic health care to district students and their siblings, 0-21 years of age, Monday through Friday.

    Peak Vista doctor examines student The staff ensures each child's well-being is safeguarded by attending to their physical and psychological needs as he or she grows from childhood into adolescence. In addition to caring for illnesses and injuries and chronic health issues, they provide preventive physical exams and immunizations and behavioral health care as well.

    This health center also offers an onsite Enrollment Services Specialist who works with patients and their families to provide screening and application processing for Medicaid, CHP+, the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) and a sliding fee scale program. Many children in District 49 qualify for one of these programs.


  • District 49 School-Based Health Center

    Located in Falcon Elementary School
    12050 Falcon Highway
    Peyton, CO 80831

SBHC Services

  • Services

    • Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Acute illness care and management

    • Diagnosis and treatment of sudden, minor illness and injury

    • Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Immunizations

    • Physical exams

    • Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Behavioral Health Care

    • Well-Child Check-ups

    • Specialty Referrals

    • Counseling

    • Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018Dental referrals to Peak Vista’s Family Health Center

    • Medicaid, CHP+, CICP and sliding fee scale enrollment

    Hours of Operation

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday | 8:00am – 12:00pm
    • Our last appointment is at 12:00pm

    Tuesday and Thursday | 12:00pm – 4:00pm

    • Our last appointment is at 4:00pm

    Please note: Telehealth appointments for primary medical and behavioral health care services are also available from the comfort of your home!

    Enroll as a NEW Patient, Make Appointment

    Call 719-344-6247Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018, during regular business hours.

    Bắn Cá Đổi Thưởng Trực Tuyến 2018For after-hours assistance, please call our 24/7 Nurse Triage line at (719) 632-5700.