3B Approved, Projects Underway

    BOFC Logo Greetings.
    Voters in District 49, one of the state’s fastest growing school districts, overwhelmingly approved ballot question 3B, a mill levy override, by a nearly two-to-one margin according to El Paso County general election results Nov 8, 2016.
    This section of D49.org allows community members to track the progress of the four priorities established in the 3B ballot language.  A citizen-led committee, which formed to provide oversight after voters approved a mill levy override in 2014, will provide the same accountability for 3B funds.  Track the committee's work on the mill levy override oversight committee page.
    Finance, planning and design phases are underway for 3B's projects.  The business office is finalizing credit ratings, offering statements and performing other tasks necessary to bring certificates of participation to market.  Initial funding for 3B projects is expected arrive in March.